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Paperback or on Kindle


Paperback or on Kindle

Paperback or on Kindle

The Tidbits

Story telling has always been in my blood.  From the lyrics I've written, TV pilots, screenplays and novels, I've wanted to engage, stir emotion, and most importantly make people think. I enjoy painting pictures with words and bringing to life something who's meaning is bigger than my own.  Stories about the human condition, the heart, the soul, and choices made in finding out life's purpose.


The Longer Bits

This here is for those who have a compulsive need to know more about me. 

I got my start to life in Chicago land. My proximity to the city and love of the bright lights fueled my passion for the creative. The writing bug bit me young when I first started writing lyrics. It evolved as I did, into a few short stories which quickly transitioned into screenplays and teleplays. A few events in my early career took me away from writing as much as I would have liked to but have since fully returned to only writing.

My wife and I currently live in Florida with our two wonderful cats.

I enjoy movies and shows of all genres. I love the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and live theater. My favorite theater performance was seeing Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in The Producers at the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago. House, Buffy, Californication, and Friends are my favorite shows.

As for the literary side of this guy, my favorite books are Johnny Got His Gun, The Catcher In The Rye, Down And Dirty Pictures and the Nikki Heat Series by Richard Castle. Of course I have many more books I could go on about, but I like to keep things succinct.

I have many hobbies, the newest of which is taking care of my lawn. Others are video games, playing guitar, and trying to get my black cat to be more social. 


Interview on NFReads.com

The link on the left in really large font directs you to an interview I did with NFReads.com.

I hope you find it enjoyable and gather a little insight into my strange, weird world.

The left link was an interview I did at the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention July 2019





The second book in The Nation series.  Picking up where the first left off, the teens find themselves dealing with the fallout from the recent events by themselves as much as they are dealing with them together. The world around them is changing fast and with fewer people to turn to than a year ago, they find what is left of their innocence slipping away faster than they'd like. 


Currently Writing

(aka Coming Soon-ish)

The Fragile Finn Fairlane - Volume Three

The third in the Fairlane series. Just finished the manuscript! Now for the rewrites, edits, proofreading, and repeating of the process!


Coma Noir - The Graphic Novel

Inspired by the album Coma Noir and in collaboration with Stavros from the musical group The Atlas Moth, this will be a noir-style thriller. The writing is complete, so while I am done with my part, there is still more to go. Now I get to hang back while the illustrator does his work.  

Watch out for all the books! And, of course, check out my other works on Amazon and Goodreads.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh

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